About us
Egle Couture creates beautiful, unique garments that are carefully designed to meet your requirements and leave you feeling confident and looking gorgeous. Share your ideas to start the journey to meet your new, all-time favourite dress.
Our couture dressmaking service involves creating party dresses, ball gowns, formal dresses, church dresses as well as wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect style for you!
Sketch of a dress
Simply share your ideas, needs and any reference photos with our couture designers who help you figure out what your exact needs are as well as assist you with selecting your desired materials.
Once happy with the design, we will take your measurements and any additional requirements. Afterwards we will craft patterns to help us bring your dream dress to life!
Patterns being drawn
Cutting out fabric based on patterns
Following this, we will begin by carefully piecing your chosen fabrics together to craft your stunning garment. Everything will be professionally sewn together, and your chosen decorations added.
To ensure we achieved your vision, we will conduct extra checks, paying special attention to every detail and making any adjustments if needed. We always want you to be ecstatic with our dressmaking designers’ work.
picture of a dress being adjusted
Picture of a finished dress
Finally, your custom dressmaking outfit is ready for you to wear! We absolutely love seeing photos of our clients in their Egle couture bespoke clothes so please tag us if you feel comfortable sharing. Whatever your next exciting occasion is, we will ensure you look fabulous!